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Write 100 Goals

Who are you? What do you care about? What do you want to make happen?

It’s easy to give boilerplate answers to these questions. But to figure out what’s truly important to you, you must dig deeper.

A simple exercise that I’ve done with many young adult groups is: Write 100 goals for yourself. Short-term or long-term, it doesn’t matter—they just have to be genuine. Start a list and give yourself a week to finish it.

If this is your first time goal-setting, you may fall into the trap of writing unhelpful goals like “become a good person” or “see the world.” Better goals might read: “take a communication workshop” or “spend two months in a Spanish-speaking country.”

In general, well-crafted goals are:

If you’re feeling bold, post your goals online (like I do) for others to browse.

[Thanks to Jim Wiltens for originally inspiring this activity.]

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